Frequently asked questions

1. What should I do if the Baby cries after the UNFO brace is installed?

Release the strap to prevent any pressure over the baby's foot. If the baby keeps crying you should consider other reasons for the baby's discomfort. Once the baby stops crying you should close the brace accordingly making sure not to over tighten.

2. What do I do if the Baby tries to kick the UNFO brace off?

Always check the placement at the end of installation and make sure that the brace is not too loose. If you can remove the brace out easily after closing the strap, you should revise the installation again from the beginning.
If you get a stable placement and the baby keeps kicking off the brace as a habitual behavior, you may put tape around the heel and upper part of the pillow as is demonstrated in this short video:

3. What do I do if I see red signs or bruising when I take the UNFO brace off for washing?

The skin redness over the pressure points on the baby's foot is a completely normal reaction of correcting forces and there is no need for treatment. If there are pressure sores, stop the bracing for 2 days and continue the bracing after as you were instructed per the continued regiment.

4. Can I take the UNFO brace off if my Baby cries?

You can remove the brace to realize the baby's discomfort because of excess pressures if it exists. You do not need to remove the brace, since you may easily release the strap keeping the brace on while alleviating pressure or discomfort.

5. In what situation should I contact the Doctor or the Therapist?

Pressure skin sores and loosing brace, should be reported to the baby care doctor or therapist.

6. Can I wash the baby while the UNFO braces are on?

The UNFO brace should be removed always before washing the baby and replaced thereafter.

7. When is my first follow up visit?

The first follow up is after 2 weeks from first installation. Follow on visits will be determined by the therapy and the doctor or therapist.

8. When can I switch to using UNFO during the night only?

The duration of the therapy is determined by the severity of the MA. Usually we move to night only in Severe MA cases after 8 weeks. Moderate MA after 6 weeks and Mild MA after 3 weeks. We always recommend consulting with your professional therapist before taking such a decision.

9. When do I know that the correction is completed, and I finish using UNFO braces for my Baby?

Although the fast correction of MA is observed in the first week or two after UNFO therapy installation and proper care; bracing should be continued to prevent recurrence or regression.
UNFO therapy should be continued for 3 months in mild to moderate cases of MA, and for 4 months in severe cases as determined by your care giver. The Orthopedic doctor or Orthotist should determine the conclusion of the treatment and the therapy needs to continue until that point to make sure the baby receives the full care and therapy of UNFO correction.

10. Can I install UNFO by myself?

We recommend NOT to install it by yourself. UNFO brace should be installed only by a certified trained professional.