The UNFO foot brace is a revolutionary device designed specifically for the treatment of metatarsus adductus (MTA) in newborns. UNFO-s is the first short foot orthopedic device that is worn below the ankle – providing a far superior, safer, and less stressful solution than serial casting for the treatment of metatarsus adductus, also known as metatarsus varus


UNFO foot brace for the therapy of Metatarsus Adductus, Metatarsus Varus and Pigeon Toed in toddlers

UNFO’s discrete, sandal-like design allows for gentle, comfortable care. The brace spares parents and infants the unnecessary physical and social discomfort they may experience with leg casts.


Important note:

After installing UNFO we recommend following up with your primary caregiver 

Metatarsus Varus and Pigeon toed Treatment Shoes – UNFO-S


UNFO BRACE for Metatarsus Adductus (MTA) Treatment Guidelines for Parents