Revolutionary Therapy of Metatarsus Adductus(MTA)

Before UNFO therapy

During UNFO therapy

After 14 days UNFO therapy

Our leading product is UNFO. Magic Orthopedics is the World-wide master Partner/Distributor of UNFO.

UNFO is a revolutionary solution treating the baby’s foot abnormalities in the comb bone - Metatarsus Varus and Metatarsus Adductus (MTA).

UNFO is a unique product helping in solving MTA in a much simpler, easier and less suffering way (for both the parents and the Baby), replaces the old-fashioned treatment with serial castings.

MTA is a congenital malformation that affects about 7% of newborns!

UNFO already treated many thousands of infants with very positive results in Europe, North America, and Israel.

UNFO was tested under clinical studies and showed excellent results! UNFO has both CE and FDA.

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Why is it better for




Why is it better for


Why is it better for



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